Exhibition at the Wilson Gallery Cafe in Cheltenham till 4th November 2018

Just a few example there is more




Certificate of Merit



I received a certificate of Merit for one of my Rocky Pot this week, whilst exhibiting with the GSA in Painswick this week, one of many awards given out by the group and my piece was chosen by a guess judge Rodger Jones who works on BBC programmes such as Blue Plant.

As you can probably tell I could not believe I received such an award

Thank you Gloucester Society of Artist for letting me join your group

New Ideas

Be able to see these Rocky Pots at the Gloucestershire Society of Artists Exhibition at the Painswick Center in Painswick from Saturday 18th till Monday, bank holiday 27th August

New Ideas and inspiration from traveling to New Zealand March/April 2018


On-Going Crafts

Weekly on going Mosaic and Pottery Workshop at Gas Green in Cheltenham

As part of the Independence TrustIndependence Trust



Welcome to join us –  Pottery Monday’s 10 till 12 noon or Friday 1.30 till 3.30

Mosaics Monday’s 1.30 – 3.30 or Wednesday 12.30 till 2.30


Creative Wellbeing


Once a month Craft workshops at Priors Park Neighborhood project in Tewskebury

Teaching a number of different crafts to the clients who attend Priors Park, such as Pottery, textiles Painting, glass or tile painting

This currently take place every Tuesday, but I come along every second Tuesday of each month….

Next visits 11th September,  9th October, 13th November and for a fun Christmas craft session 11th December.




Creative Crafts for wellbeing

New Creative Craft workshop ideas

Have a go at a range of different Craft techniques.

Marvelous Mosaics

This may have to take place over two sessions;

1st session involves, drawing a picture/pattern onto a small board, choose a collection of different textured and coloured tiles to cut and place onto the board

2nd session, Grout the mosaic pieces for indoor or outdoor use.

Imaginative Ceramics 

Encouraging imagination and creating small sculptural characters of clay pieces. Using a variety different clays and bright coloufuk decorative slips as well as tools to help form or texture the pieces

These pieces will be taken away to be fired and returned in a few weeks as a final piece.

Ingenuity Pottery

Have a go at different hand-building pottery techniques, from pitch to coil pots and slab boxes, create and decorative functional pots.

This could be developed into two sessions.

1st session, making the pottery piece, I take them away and fire.

2nd session, I return with the pots for them to decorate and take them away again for final firing and return in a few weeks.

Decorative Glass and Pottery Painting

Design and draw a pattern or pictures to be drawn/painted onto a plain ceramic tile or glass sheet, plate/bowl, mug or glass.

Using brightly coloured paints, which are just fixed by putting into the conventional oven

Artistic Lino Printing

Develop and create hand-made cards, a pattern/pictures on silver/gold card or lino, which is then cut out and using a variety of different coloured inks to print out the pattern/picture on to paper and then mounted onto coloured card.

Rekindle – Christmas Crafts

Make your own Christmas decorations, using foliage from the garden and a chance to recycle old Christmas decorations.

Imaginative  Papier-mâché bowls 

Create a small bowl using a mix of glue newspaper, combine with fabric, colourful tissue or wrapping paper and brightly coloured paints or vanish.

Up-cycle Decoupage

Decorate a small object, such as a small box or mirror/picture frame by gluing coloured paper or cut-outs onto it and combining with special paint effects, such as gold/silver and other decorative elements.

Watercolour Painting

Try out different painting techniques making a card using watercolour paints

Artistic Mix-media 

Create a 3D card using different mediums of paper and paints, pastels, pen/pencils etc.


And many more ideas to come just talk to Vicky with your idea …..



For more details view www.vjh-ceramics.com